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       About BeYoutifully Bronzed              

BeYoutifully Bronzed was created to offer men and women of all skin types a safe and effective way to be bronzed.

Growing up in Southern California I was addicted to the sun. My family and I would spend hours at the beach or in the pool. From a young age I loved tanning and being tan. As the winter months approached I would constantly be climbing into the local tanning bed. I received a rude awakening the day my mother called and explained how she had been diagnosed with skin cancer. I ruled out tanning beds immediately.

By the next summer I was out lounging around the pool once again.  Apparently my mother's diagnosis had changed my method of tanning, but I had not ruled out "tanning" entirely.  Yet, there was still hope for me.

I have always been passionate about skin care. Having suffered with acne for years I was always looking for a way to treat my breakouts while also covering them. Being tan helped me to feel somewhat covered.

Becoming a Licensed Esthetician helped me to achieve a broader understanding of the effects of sun damage. BeYoutifully Bronzed became a must as I began working in the medical field. I began to see skin cancer and sun damage on a daily basis. I understood the feeling of wanting to be tan, yet knowing it was bad for you. I wanted to offer everyone, myself included, a safe way to look and feel exactly the way we all desire.

As I write this on my day off, I am preparing to take my family to the pool...hats and SPF in hand. There is no need to rid oneself of the sun completely. Enjoy the sun safely! Let BeYoutifully Bronzed give you the year around bronzed look you crave!



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